Covid-19 Information

What To Expect at Sapphires Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes:

As of December 6, 2021, youth aged 12 to 17 years attending indoor sport and recreational facilities must provide proof that they have received:

  • at least one dose of an approved vaccine, or 

  • proof of a pharmacist-confirmed negative result from an approved rapid antigen test, from within the 72 hours before participation

Manitoba’s State of Emergency and Public Health Orders should be reviewed on a regular basis, and can be accessed here:

Daily Screening Tool: this questionnaire must be reviewed prior to each class. If answered "YES" to any of the questions DO NOT ATTEND CLASS.  

Masks: All participants are required to wear masks unless actively participating in rhythmic gymnastics. A snug fitting 3-ply mask is strongly recommended. Participants should bring more than one mask to practice in case their mask is dampened through physical activity, which may lower the effectiveness of the mask. 

Hand sanitizing: hand sanitizer will be available at each facility, and must be used prior to entry to the gym, and upon leaving the gym.  Coaches will have hand sanitizer in the gym as well. Participants should be informed on best practices for personal hygiene such as frequent hand-washing and to cough and sneeze into sleeve.

Social distancing: rhythmic gymnastics is an individual, non-contact sport. If restrictions are required, space will be marked off on the gym floor in order to maintain enough space between gymnasts. Socialization is discouraged before, during and after practice.

Individual equipment: each gymnast must bring and use their own equipment . Gymnasts should bring their own gym/yoga mat. Gymnasts are instructed to come changed for practice to discourage use locker rooms and shared spaces. Sharing of equipment and mats is discouraged, and sanitizing equipment and mats before and after use in the gym is required.

Facilities: each facility provides cleaning and sanitizing before and after our use, including washrooms and gym space.  Current Manitoba restrictions include the reduction of spectators at facilities. Our practice venues have informed us that parents will not be allowed to remain in the building during classes. Co-operation from our Sapphires parents is expected and appreciated.

Refunds due to Covid-19 shutdown: in the event of a mandatory shutdown, the competitive training payment schedule is structured to minimize the amount of fees that would have to be refunded. Refunds for recreational classes would be based on the number of classes remaining in the session, less registration and administration fees.