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What are people saying about Sapphires?

Being part of Sapphires has given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences over the years. I have learned so much about strength, passion, perseverance and hard work from the sport, my coaches and fellow gymnasts. Beyond what I have learned, some of the most fun I’ve ever had is practicing, performing and competing with my club locally, provincially, and even internationally! I couldn’t have asked for more encouraging and compassionate people than there are in Sapphires to surround myself with as I grew up and fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics. I owe so much to the club and I encourage anyone who is thinking of joining to do so!

                                                                                                                Nicole T. gymnast and coach

Being a part of Sapphires has had a huge impact on who I am today. It is truly a special environment; I feel so lucky to have grown up within the club surrounded by such strong and empowering women! I’ve gained so much life experience through the club and rhythmic gymnastics, from training and coaching, to travelling around Canada as well as internationally! My coaches and my fellow gymnasts are the most wonderful, passionate people and many of them have become lifelong friends of mine. I am so excited to continue to share my passion for the sport and this club with our current and future gymnasts!

                                                                                                                  Mikayla T. gymnast and coach

I have been a member of Sapphires Rhythmic Gymnastics since my eldest daughter took her first IRG class in 2004!  I have had the pleasure of watching both of my daughters grow from little girls who were cart-wheel challenged, through to National level gymnasts, provincial team members, coaches, and now adults in University with dreams, goals, and the tools to realize them! In addition, I have learned so much about this beautiful sport, and have made the most incredible life-long friends in the parents, coaches and gymnasts of this amazing club!

                                                                                                     Karen T, parent and board member

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