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Our Programs

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful and challenging sport that combines the elements of artistic gymnastics with the many styles of dance. It incorporates the use of the five hand held apparatus: Rope, Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, and Clubs, with various movements to music. Rhythmic gymnastics is a wonderful activity for children. A variety of benefits can be achieved through participating in rhythmic gymnastics even before entering the competitive levels, and children are immediately drawn to the music and movement with the hand equipment. The most important aspects of gymnastics are aiding children in their physical, mental and social development and allowing them to have fun and be free with their imagination and creativity!

The Sapphires Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is the ideal place to watch your daughter grow. She will develop self-confidence, and a passion for a healthy, active lifestyle!

IRG - Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics

Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics (IRG) is a program for beginners as well as those who have participated in the sport recreationally.  During the 10-week session, gymnasts will have the opportunity to develop skills with various types of apparatus: scarves, rope, ball, hoop, and ribbon. Basic jumps, leaps, pivots and balances will be taught.  
Throughout the program, gymnasts will learn a proper warm-up, develop hand-eye coordination as well as flexibility in a fun, safe, encouraging atmosphere! 




The interclub program is a great segue into competitive training. Started in September 2016, this program replaced the Sapphires Pre-Competitive program. The interclub program gives gymnasts a taste of what provincial stream training is like, with less of a commitment. The interclub program allows for competitive opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities. Gymnasts competing in the interclub stream are adjudicated but not ranked against other gymnasts in their level. Gymnasts receive a gold, silver, bronze or participation award based on their performance at a competition. This creates a positive, fun and encouraging competition environment!


Our competitive rhythmic gymnastics programs start at 2.5 hours per week, with our highly competitive athletes training 9 – 12 hours per week. Our talented staff of coaches and choreographers ensures our athletes develop their skills in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. All of our competitive programs will cover strength and conditioning training, flexibility training, basic ballet, and apparatus and skill development. A large focus in the competitive stream is placed on developing and maintaining either individual (gymnast performs by herself) or group (three to five gymnasts performing together) routines. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform and compete their routines many times throughout the season.



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